WORKSHOP: Introductory B&W Darkroom, June 20-26 in Maine

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    Mar 26, 2010
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    Introductory B&W Darkroom
    June 20 - 26
    with Kevin Johnson
    at Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, ME USA


    B&W photography and basic darkroom techniques.

    This course is for new photographers with little knowledge of the darkroom. Students learn the technical aspects of photography so they can work more creatively with their camera and in the darkroom.

    Participants learn how to use their camera, lens, and tripod, select the right film, and use a light meter to determine exposure. Students learn basic density and contrast controls for both the negative and the print as well as how to develop film properly and prepare chemistry. The class discusses how to make the best possible negatives and prints with full tonal range and explores basic darkroom procedures, safety, printmaking techniques, burning and dodging, toning, archival processing, and print presentation.

    There are daily field trips. Students explore the artistic aspects of photography: composition, framing, light, tone and texture, gesture and the moment, along with their own personal responses to the visual world and events around them.

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    Maine Media Workshops is an international non-profit educational organization offering year-round workshops for photographers, filmmakers, and media artists.
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