Working to rid APUG of the constant "APUG should go digital and hybrid" flare ups.

Discussion in 'System Announcements' started by Sean, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Hi All,

    This is starting to get a bit ridiculous so I'm now working on ways to reduce these dead horse "APUG should go digital/hybrid" threads. What was once an every few months occurrence has now almost turned to every few days. Yes, the scope of APUG is narrow and has been defined for nearly 10 years as such.

    That is not going to change.

    It's usually the same course of events every time. A new member posts a digital topic then folks pile on until an analog vs. digital vs. hybrid war erupts and the thread is locked. The battle is typically always fueled by the same vocal handful of people that seem to refuse to accept the scope of APUG (APUG will not be what I WANT it to be so I'm going to rabble-rouse). In some cases it is only an innocent post asking for clarity on our site rules that causes a flare up.

    APUG's narrow scope has led to solid growth since day one, so there is no case to be made that the scope is harming APUG. We have no desire to be all things to all people. Not only do we lack the resources for such a thing, but it would be counter productive to the whole point of this website.

    In the coming weeks much more will be done to use our software to flag digital posts before they actually make it into the forums. It's sad that it has come to this, seeing as the site scope is defined right there on the homepage. This system is currently under development by a 3rd party and should be ready soon. The system will use some keyword scanning at the time of thread submission. It will enable us to educate new members to the scope of APUG and why their digital post was flagged. Assuming it is not a false hit, they will get the detailed explanation and kindly be asked to cancel their submission by clicking "cancel". If someone does get a false hit, all they need to do is click "continue" for the post to go through. The notice page will also contain a direct submission form to admins if there are questions regarding clarification of our site rules. I'll also go through the rules and try to revise and add some additional clarity.

Thread Status:
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