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What's your latest new old camera ? (Part 2)

  1. Surpringly for me a couple of SLRs. First a post WWII Mentor 9x12 camera that needs the shutter overhauled as it's not functioning.

    Second a very nice fully woring KW Praktina FX with a 50mm CZJ Tessar, it's the later versionwith a semi automatic apeture, it's a surprisingly well made East German camera - the first 35mm full sytem cameras and can take a bulk film back, as well as a motor drive unlike the slightly earlier Exactas. The build quality is excellent way above Exactas and Prakticas. The case shows the attention to detail, a button to activate the camera base plates rewind button, holes for the body's strap lugs. The film adanvance, mirror return and shutter are smoother than a screw thread Leica. I paid way below the typical market price.

  2. Here's an odd TLR I found this weekend. The shutter works @ 100th of a second, but the speed dial and focus mechanism are frozen solid. Otherwise, is is pretty much pristine except for a bit of dust that can be easily cleaned.

    IMG_0726.JPG IMG_0727.JPG
  3. This is a new addition. Pentax 67. It is a MONSTER, and works great.
    The war department (wife) doesn't understand why i continue to buy new old cameras. I just tell her that it keeps me out of jail.

    IMG_1850.JPG IMG_1851.JPG
  4. For me the P67 was the "compact" alternative to my Mamiya RB67...

    With the 90/2.8 your camera will become more compact; if you can find one, grab it. It is a very very very good lens, in the tradition of perfect Pentax optics.
  5. Ian,
    I won a Praktina cheaply 18 months or so ago, and for once, it was from a local eBayer not far from home, so I was able to collect. He'd sold three on behalf of a family friend, all listings ending within minutes of each other. I won the middle listing but not the others (and couldn't really afford all three, anyway).

    When I arrived to collect my prize we got on well, the seller was a really nice guy, too. The winning bidder of one of the other examples had baulked on the postage cost and reneged on their purchase. So the seller gave it to me together with the example I had actually won. Whilst they both needed a bit of servicing they are now working well. For approximately $70 Australian dollars I had two working Praktinas, with two different lenses and two types of finders, each with its own accessory rapid winder, to boot.

    Frankly, I went after them because I just have a thing for old German cameras and shiny Zeiss lenses, and they piqued my curiosity. I knew the basics about them, but had never actually seen one in the flesh. I like oddball, weirdo, cameras and these seemed to fit the bill.

    What surprised me is just how nicely made and finished they are. The Praktinas have exceeded all my expectations of their quality. They may have a name virtually identical to their better known Praktina cousins, but share only a few common features and are in another realm of build altogether. I positively adore mine.

    Last year I published a review of the Praktina FX. You might possibly find it to be of some minor assistance in getting to know yours. You'll find it here, together with a few sample images from them.

    In other news I scored a non-working and possibly fixable tidy Weston Master IV yesterday for a fiver from a local second hand shop; won an ostensibly working Master V on eBay a few days back, which will hopefully arrive tomorrow, and a couple of months back I quite unexpectedly had an Alpa fall into my lap. I'll have to do some work on that one before I can shoot it though.
  6. Recently, a colleague gave me a Nikon N2000 35mm SLR with a Nikon MF-19 data back.

    I have never bonded with a camera so quickly.


    Manual Focus by Narsuitus, on Flickr
  7. I got a Konica Autoreflex nT3. It's a nice hefty camera.
  8. That's a nice kit of lenses! Did they come with the n2000?
  9. No, I already had the 135 f/2 and 18mm f/3.5 for use on my other Nikon bodies. However, the N2000 did come with the 105mm f/2.8 Lester A. Dines macro lens and ring light seen in this photo.


    Macro by Narsuitus, on Flickr
  10. Ringlight looks like it's based on a Sunpak 433D flash unit... Anyway, I might have some extra N2000/2020 parts that I don't need.

  11. Yesterday a free Canon A-1 panorama date underwater camera. Now my other two are not cameras, but camera related. About two months ago I bid on a Omega D-2 4x5 enlarger w/lens and the new Aristo VC cold light head on a local online auction. Well, I'm the proud owner of it now at a cost of $18.00. Last week the same auction had another D-2 with 4x5 carrier and the variable condenser head. I bid $10.00 and won it for $1.00. I still have my darkroom and use it with a passion so these are wanted items by me. I already have an Omega D-3V which now wears an Ilford VC 400HL head. While the D-3V is a very good enlarger I hate the Auto-focus setup on it and prefer the D-2, which until now, I did not own. So, swap out time. The second D-2 is heading up to my cottage on the lake where I'm setting up a second darkroom. Nice stuff out there if you're in no hurry.
  12. A late night eBay win. Olympus XA3 in very good condition with new light seals and new batteries. Ready to load film and use.

    At under A$50, a bargain as far as I am concerned.

    20170707_090649b.jpg 20170707_090709b.jpg 20170707_090733b.jpg
  13. A Mamiya 6 with 75mm & 150mm lenses.
  14. I treated myself to my first Leica, an R5 with a 50mm/f2 Summicron lens.
  15. A gift (an attempt at humor?) from a colleague at work: A Polaroid Super Shooter Land Camera. Camera came in its original box (ugly shape, printed, according to the information on the bottom of the box, in January 1975) with two warranty cards. Not sure what to do with the thing since I'm not a Polaroid shooter; for that matter, I don't know if film is still available for this camera. I may just opt to donate it here...
  16. These are good. They take the still-available but discontinued Fuji pack film (FP-3000B for B&W, FP-100C for color).

    My results with my cheap Polaroid Super Shooter and this film have been stunning. I'm pretty critical about what I hang up on my walls at home, but out of 10 shots I typically get 6 or 7 photos worthy of a collage.

    Though expensive, the Fuji film is very very good and with FP-3000B the negative is easily peeled away.
  17. A Kodak 35 RF, wth the "Deluxe Field Case". Dirty, lens hazy, transport stiff, but the rangefinder lines up, the shutter works, selftimer ditto, with some cleaning it could be used as-is.
    Made in 1941, it has the Anstigmat Special uncoated front focussing Tessar and No.1 Kodamatic shutter with T,B, and speeds from 10 to 200.
    One of these was my first "real" camera ca. 1974. I did not appreciate how good the lens was then.
  18. In 1968 I bought a Zeiss Folding Contessa from Camera Barn in NYC. Not as familiar with cameras then as now and there was no internet for downloading manuals and not able to make it work, so I returned it. Just received a beautiful Contessa from Japan at a very good price. Found a new old stock sun shade on that auction site and it arrived same day as camera. Awaiting delivery of 2 typically eccentric Zeiss filters. (Thank god Nikon went their own way and used the same 52 mm for the majority of their lenses.) The Contessa almost makes my solidly built Retinas look a little flimsy. And as Steve Gandy notes, more chrome than a 1950s Oldsmobile.
  19. An Argus A2F, in pretty good shape, arrived at my doorstep yesterday.
  20. An MP that I got second hand and had "redesigned" through Leica NJ. A totally horrible experience, but the camera is back almost as I wanted it to be ten months later, a year since I initially asked about having it done. Absolutely terrible customer service in NJ. Choose Solms for anything.
  21. Minolta Hi-Matic 11, seems to be new never used, with case and lens cap. As long time user of Canon QL 1.7, what like about the Minolta 11 takes 55mm filters rather than 48mm that the Canon takes, what I dont like is no manual override, just 2 auto exposure modes, A, and shutter speed preferred. Fit and finish seems about the same, lens is 6 elements.
  22. After my wife's 600si would not give up its Error Message, i got her a (body only) Minolta 700si. It seems to function properly and is in good shape.
    Just because it was a good deal and came with three lens and a bag, i (earlier) bought her a 7000. She now has those three, good, Minolta lens and the 7000 as a back-up. :smile:
  23. 20106687_1609634322391833_1173442728362009870_n.jpg A last minute decision to pop into a Cash Converters store was a good one.

    Konica Autoreflex TC for A$29

    Cleaned up a treat and everything works as it should. Love the KER-THUNK! of the shutter release. Very mechanical and solid.

    Need to get a Hexanon 40mm lens for it now.
  24. Kodak Vigilant Six-16. I've rigged it for 120 and now I'm getting 6x11. I think it's just about perfect (the format, not the decaying old camera).
  25. my "new" M4 in great conditions :smile:
  26. Finally got my hands on this little camera. Got this one from Japan in an excellent condition (barely a scratch).
  27. Awaiting delivery of a vintage Taron "Eye". Should be interesting...

  28. Just processed roll of Delta 100 exposed in my newly acquired Folding Contessa I got from Japan. Every exposure spot on and very sharp lens. Won another from auction site with extremely low bid, not for camera, but a fair price for case in good condition. A bonus if camera is in usable condition. Think of Contessa as Super Ikonta B for 35mm.
  29. Delivered this afternoon, an eBay BIN sale by a lady in Tennessee who accepted my best offer:

    F-1.body,front_02.jpeg F-1.body,rear_02.jpeg

    Minimal edge brassing, no prism housing or base plate dents, mirror and film door foam look better than they should for a forty year-old camera, its shutter fires properly at all speeds and film advance is silky smooth, a 675 hearing aid battery with PaulBG adapter gives good battery check and meter readings that agree with my best other gear.

    Moving to an F-1 at last; oh, boyoboyoboyoboyoboy . . . . .
  30. A Canon F1n bought as a scrapper off ebay for parts for my other F1 s but after putting a battery in and unjamming the shutter button its to good to scrap so i now have another fully working F1n
  31. I was 'Gifted' a PENTAX SF-7 body by a kind Gent on The Pentax Forum UK -- I have been testing it out with some outdated film from my stash . I do not like the 'DX Coding' though as there is no way to over-ride for outdated films, only by sticking some paper over teh DX Code on cassette and default it to 100ASA or by setting'manual exposure' with my Weston master V. I did a Video on it -- you can see it here :
  32. Since it is old (1932) and new (was just fully serviced) I count my Leica II as my latest new old camera :smile:
  33. One of my latest 'new' old cameras is this Pentax K2 with an SMC Pentax-A 28-135mm f/4 that I acquired around the same time. It's a pretty hefty combo, but feels solid and very well built. I also have a KX on the way as well.

  34. Aahhhhh.....You are "That Guy".?
    I have watched many of your videos.
    You own A LOT of cameras. :smile:
  35. Yes,

    I too like your down to earth videos Pete :smile:, wish I got so many freebies.
  36. This venerable Pentax H2 was gifted to me by my division director at work. It was his fathers.

    Unfortunately both the shutter and mirror are non functional so it will make a lovely display piece, though the temptation is there to get a CLA done or buy a Spotmatic to use that lovely M42 glass.

  37. Went to a local Sunday Market with my nieces over the weekend and landed this little guy. Not sure if I'll keep him or sell him on - will take him out on Friday to put him through his paces at McLaren Vale in South Australia at a few breweries, a whiskey distillery, and various vineyards. :smile:

  38. Canon 7 w/ Industar N-61 53mm f2.8 (not pictured) also a Canon 50mm f1.8 (on camera) Canon_7.jpg
  39. How did your Trip 35 go?
  40. Seems ok, but the weather was woeful - rain, hail, 150kph winds; didn't really get much chance to try out these past 3 days!! Winter has hit Adelaide with a vengeance - currently huddled indoors around a roaring fire. Brrrrrrr.:tongue:
  41. Cannot say I blame you. It has been bad in Perth these last few days as well. I just gave my camera tech three faulty ( as bought) Trip 35's and a re-skin package as he is happy to make me a fully working frankenTrip out of the three. They are great cameras, so I hope your Trip gives you some sweet results.
  42. I'm hoping this little baby is ok off the bat, but if it needs some repairs, so be it. Hmmm, your mentioning of re-skins has me toying with the idea - maybe in a natty brick red! :tongue:

    Oh yes! You had the same front come through, I believe. Thankfully, the weather has (finally) calmed down, and I can actually see blue sky today, so this week is looking very good!! Might head out later in the week to get it out and about again. :smile:
  43. Heath Ledger holding a Minolta SRT- ??? in Two Hands (1999).

  44. Just picked up a Nikon F3 and a 50mm 1.8. This camera feels so substantial in my hands. I've already taken a few shots and I can already tell I'm going to enjoy shooting with this camera.
  45. My previous post was in the wrong thread.... I thought I was posting in "Old Cameras in Old Movies" : /
  46. LOL, still neat! I was just re-watching Stranger Things and noticed he was using a Pentax. After some Googling it seems it was a Pentax ME? At first I thought it was the K1000 but that's because of my lack of familiarity with the line of Pentaxes :\
  47. The producer said it was an MX... but he obviously know nothing about Pentaxs! The MX has a small aperture window above the nameplate, that's an ME. *Thumbs up
  48. Drool...
  49. I was very happy to obtain this for A$23 but was astonished with the as new condition when it arrived. I am not sure it has ever been used or has only had a roll or two at the most through it.

  50. This guy...


    $44 for the body with sales tax included. The lens was picked up just after I got my 15/3.5 Nikkor and cost about $21 when tax was added in.

  51. wow! great! :smile:
  52. I have a whole bunch of old cameras last weekend.
    1 Rollei 35 LED
    1 Yashica Lynx 14E
    1 Kodak Retina IIa
    2 Canon EF
    1 Canon Canonflex
    1 Minolta Maxxum 9xi
    1 Minolta Maxxum 800si
    1 Minolta Maxxum 7
    1 Minolta Maxxum 70
    1 Pentax KX
    1 Pentax K1000
    1 Pentax ME Super
    1 Nikon F4s
    1 Nikon FM chrome
    1 Nikon FM2n chrome
    1 Nikon FE black
  53. High score!

    I'm waiting for Zorki which was serviced couple years ago by one famous master. But it is in hold on Customs in Quebec for eighteen days now. Not my fist time to have this experience. Somehow some of the non tracking by local post service items gets in stuck for weeks and months here. Sender has to open the ticket to make local Customs to "find" the packet.
  54. I bought a Topcon 35-L rangefinder that I found locally. It's a bit beaten up, the shutter is sluggish and the rings are stiff as if the camera spent 40 years on a shelf (which it probably did) but at 20$... came with Topcon accessories ( case, square hood and yellow filter ) and an indoor German flash which look like a car tail light.
  55. I just got beaten-up-but-working Nikon F90. The plan is to use it as a spare-parts donor for my F90x. I got that F90x for free, as "probably dead" - mostly because it had missing film door. It is spotless, in almost like-new shape - but it didn't have film door.
    So, let's see how does F90x work compared to my F801s...
  56. A never-really-used Zeiss Ikon Nettar 218/16 which still had a roll of film in it. I developed the roll and sent scans back to the previous owner.
  57. Nice! You have good taste. Did you buy them at a swap meet / camera show?
  58. Just bought a mint, boxed Canon A1.
  59. I do like them but no I didn't buy them at swap meet. My brother gave them to me. My cost is a drive of 250miles 2 way and a night at the hotel. I didn't have the choice of which camera. I took them all because I can't see any of them got thrown away.
    Actually the one I can throw away is the K1000. I will sell it for whatever I can get and give the money back to my brother. The K1000 has become a cult and made me hate it. It was OK back in the early 80's when they were sold with lens for $119 brand new.
  60. Nikon FE2, bargain condition from KEH.

    Definitely not what I'd consider bargain condition - at first glance it looks excellent. Closer inspection shows some very slight brassing on the top, and the edges of the back show moderate small scratches/wear. But the leatherette, lettering, knobs, lever...just about everything else is nearly perfect.

    Ran a test roll through it yesterday and it performed flawlessly.

    This is my second bargain purchase from KEH - the first one (F5) was in terrible shape, so I was questioning their supposed extremely conservative grading system, but this one surprised me for sure.
  61. IMG_1105.JPG IMG_1104.JPG

    I recently treated myself to a Barnack Leica (iiic), coupled with an Elmar 5cm f3.5 collapsible lens. The iiic is a 1946 model, whilst the lens dates back to 1951, I've been blown away by this kit, I've attached some images taken on TriX and scanned with an Epson flat bed scanner.
  62. image1.JPG Found a nice Miranda Automex II at a local thrift shop. Quite a beefy camera; I was surprised at how heavy this SLR was and that it had interchangeable viewfinders and a dual lens mount system. I never really had paid too much attention to the Miranda line, only having been aware of their later, more pedestrian cameras. Quite nice!
  63. I've bought several items from KEH, almost always in BGN condition. So far, it's always been a pleasant surprise. I bought a highly desirable Tamron 80-200mm f/2.8 LD lens from them for about a hundred bux cheaper than anyone else. It looked mint. Reason for BGN rating? The zoom collar slipped slightly. Big deal. Another purchase was a Pentax 67 camera with a 135mm "macro" lens. The lens showed a moderate amount of wear, but it was still a very clean optic. The camera showed just the slightest amount of wear on the edges, And yes, I got both items for a very good price.

    One thing about KEH that isn't always mentioned is how helpful their sales staff is. The sales guy who handled the sale of the Pentax was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable dealing with them.

  64. Yeah, I was skeptical due to the disappointing experience the first time, so I'm chalking that one up to just a fluke that slipped past them.
  65. Deardorff 8x10
  66. Gorgeous!!
  67. Minolta Freedom II
  68. Nice images of Penarth Jon.

    Good to see another member from Wales too, I feel a bit lonely on here sometimes!
  69. Lumiere Lumireflex TLR camera. Got some light issues to solve before I can use it.
  70. Ensign autorange coupled rangefinder folding 645 camera with the wonderful Ross xpres lens
  71. Yashica Minister III. Mint condition, shutter and aperture click no prob. Meter is dead though.

    Main issue is I have no clue how to adjust the rangefinder. It's outa whack. Until then it's a nice looking paperweight.
  72. You might try a bit of heat. The second link I sent you suggests this:

    "The top plate is retained by a screw on each end; the film advance leverwind and, the film rewind knob.
    The latter simply unscrews in the conventional manner. The advance lever cap is normally threaded (counter-clockwise to remove) but there seems to be an endemic problem in removing this component which I suspect is torqued up by Mr. Yashica's personal Sumo Wrestler. If it does not yield to reasonable untorque pressure don't keep increasing your muscle-power because you will surely shear the small diameter underside thread. Give that cap five seconds under a pencil-point butane blue flame to break the stiction and it will then screw off easily. The meter ASA knob stays with the top plate and needs not to be tampered with."
  73. Thanks! I'll be sending Mr. Yashica's personal Sumo man a stiff letter.
  74. Another F. Realized that I'd have to buy another body anyway to get the wind-side top cover and A-R ring to convert my F over to a black body. So, bought the one that was on eBait with the 50/2 Nikkor-H and that had been serviced at one time or another. Bank account is much lighter, but, don't have to look for the parts and I can sell off the one I've been using.

  75. Just picked up a Leica R3 and R5. Running the first rolls of film thru them now, Arista 400 EDU and Fp4+.
  76. Isn't it fun, though? Just think how empty your life would be if you were a fan of a different camera manufacturer ...like Vokar.
  77. *chuckle*

    Apparently, it'll be arriving at the post orfice sometime tomorrow (today's Labor Day, of course).

  78. And, here it is. After being equipped with the items I took off the other F...


  79. Just bought a Nikkomat FTn for I don't know what except I have several unconverted pre-AI lenses that work on an F4 but not my FE2 or FM2, and the price looked reasonable. Should be here Saturday.
  80. Welcome to Photrio.

    For manuals check out http://www.butkus.org/chinon/ The website is set up by someone volunteered his collection so please send in $3 for each useful download to support that website and keep it operating.
  81. Zeiss Nettar 515/16 folding camera; 6x6cm format on common 120-size film. Likely made in 1937-1939. Basically medium format in your pocket.

    Has a 75mm f/4.5 Novar Anastigmat lens, Prontor-S shutter with speeds B, 1s to 1/300s, plus a self timer. Everything works fine, but with occasional hesitation at 1s. No light leaks. Aside from a few slight paint chips, it appears to be in mint condition.

    Old World craftsmanship. Total reliability and simplicity. To borrow a phrase from Cameraquest's Stephen Gandy: "Idiots don't use them."

  82. A near mint Olympus Trip 35 which was a freebie. Everything appears good with it and dry firing with back open showed that the metering appears to be functioning at different light levels. Now to see if it lives up to its reputation as it will be going out this weekend with a roll of medium speed BW.
  83. I think you'll be happy with your Trip 35. I like mine a lot. Mine was a freebie too!
  84. img666.jpg
    Got this tiny, little machine ... Rolleiflex 3.5F Model 1 (Type K4D) in nice condition. Now I'm looking for a Bay II lens shade and a bright focusing screen.
    Please don't mind the lousy screenie - I ain't got a d...l camera.
    Nevertheless I watched out for adequate clothing and hairdo ... :wink:
  85. A retina IIIC joins the IB and the IIC.

    [​IMG]Capital_Gang by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr

    Retina IIIC was missing the front element- I had a spare, then found a late-issue 50/2 Xenon front element for $40 with bubble. SO- about $125 for all three of these cameras, all needed some repair. That was fun.
  86. just got a Retina IIa, and a Perkeo ! shoulb get here Tuesday
  87. Bought a folding Contessa off that site for the over engineered leather case. Turned out camera was, in terms of appearance and operation, very good. Even the silk screened "Contax" on front of camera was without blemish but lubricants dry. After CLA camera is as smooth as butter...better than the one I bought to use with the case. Camera loaded with film and will use today.
  88. Also when fully extended the lens is practically obscene

  89. Hi Sewin, thanks for the like, does seem that there’s very few Welsh folk on this site
  90. A Minolta Maxxum 7000, given me by the local camera fairy who has also given me a black Nikon F2 and a Kodak 35 RF.
    I didn't know that this is the first autofocus 35mmSLR; it came with the 50/1.7 and a 70-210/4 zoom, all in pristine cosmetic condition. I'll know if it works when the AAAs charge up.
  91. I think Polaroid and Konica had auto focus on the market and Nikon, Pentax and Canon has AF lens but the 7000 is considered the first AF 35 SLR Body, very good viewfinder, the lens are also very good. The 70 to 210 F 4.0 is thought to be based on a Leica design used for the manual focus version of the lens.
  92. 70-210/4 vario Elmar? I was playing with one not too long ago! There was a lot of swapping between Leitz and Minolta back then.
    As much as I like my mechanical/all manual dinosaurs, I have to admit the Maxxum is intriguing. If it works as good as it looks, I might keep it. It's so very 1980s :smile:
  93. Both the 35 to 70 F4 and 70 to 210 are reported to be Leitz designs, I have both and they are very good for zooms. I like my 9000 as well, use it for sports. Interesting that the XK only came as non motor and motorized versions, then with the 9000 came in standard body with manual film advance or optional auto winder or motor drive just as Canon and Nikon were adding integrated motor drives. Well built, good metering, 3 spots metering modes and average, with fresh batteries the drive will crank out 7FPS. I have the film back, haven't use it yet.
  94. If the "XX" overlaps, it is a very early one. Minolta had to change it because of Exxon's lawsuit:


    This Maxxum camera and all autofocus SLRs that followed made me ignore new 35mm SLRs until Nikon's FM3a in 2003.

    Now it is interesting: an historic camera like the EOS 650.
  95. Another Canon EF SLR. And whats up with the meters on these cameras ? Had 4 of them in the last few years and only one has a working meter. Thought they were high quality like the F1. I use the Duracell LR9 PX625A EPX625G V625U 1.5v Batteries but nothing worked on 3 of them. Bad average for me.
  96. Nikon had the F3AF out in 1983, which had the "DX-1" AF finder which handled the AF feedback, used with the 80mm F2.8 AF-Nikkor, 200 F3.5 AF-Nikkor, and TC-16 AF. It worked, was slow and ugly. Not many made.