What the heck?? RB67 question...

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    Well here is problem I've never experienced before, which I guess is a good thing! I recently purchased an original Mamiya RB67, mint condition in appearance, from an ebay auction and never got the chance to use it due to my insane work schedule. Now, a month later I made the time to run a couple rolls through it and check out the results. Everything looked good except for the last of 5 rolls. Good old #5 only had four frames exposed. Frame numbers 2,3,4 and 7. The rest appeared completely blank.

    Now all of theses rolls were taken in my studio, so as to have a controlled lighting situations. It sounds as if the mirror is a bit sluggish lifting. Everything feels smooth upon pressing the shutter release and the camera following through. Just slower than it should. I've removed the lense and the back and watched the whole process and a couple of times the mirror didn't even make it to the top of the run! It was about a quarter inch from the "up" resting position. I gently touched it and it raised the final bit. When I say gently I mean that I honestly could have breathed on it and it would have given the same results.

    Sounds to me like it just needs a lube job?? If this be the case does anyone have any recommendations as to who to go through?

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    Your problem can be one of a couple things. First the seals may be holding your mirror from snapping back.

    Second it can be a weak spring or just an adjustment of the mechanism that snaps it up.

    Or the govonor is in need of replacement.

    The only way to tell is to eleiminat each problem by replacing the seals first, cleaning the mirror box out carefully. Then open the side panel to see what is going on in the mirror return mechanism.

    When doing this internal peeking, you will have to change the internal seals, which probably haven't been done in 30 some years anyway. A good CLA will never hurt and that may be all it needs.

    Paul NYC