wet plate day !!! Sunday june 21, 2009!!!!!!!!

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    wet plate day Sunday june 21, 2009
    It looks like this thing is going to happen. It should be a nice community builder.

    World Wet Plate Collodion Photography Day 2009 Book

    In honor of the process, and the inventor, Frederick Scott Archer, we are going to publish a soft cover, 8.5” x 8.5” perfect bound, color book.

    This book will be available on Lulu for purchase. The proceeds will go toward a proper grave stone for Mr. Archer’s burial lot. The storefront is here - http://stores.lulu.com/wwpcpd

    If you are interested in being published in the book, please scan, or photograph your plates (maximum of two) and send them to me wetplate@gmail.com as 300dpi 8”x10” images. They should be between 4MB – 6MB each. I may color correct and adjust brightness and contrast for the publication.

    Along with the photographs, please send a full release for use and publication. This is a legal requirement and your images won’t be used if I don’t have a release.

    Finally, with each image include the following information:

    First Name Last Name (of the artist)
    Title of the Photograph (will be called “Untitled” if there is no title)
    Type of Image (BGA, CGA, Alumitype, etc.)
    Size of the Plate (8”x10”, Whole Plate, etc.)
    Location of the Image (city, state, country)
    Time (the local time is was made)
    Content (what the subject matter is – 25 words or less)
    An example would look like this:
    Quinn Jacobson
    Black Glass Ambrotype
    Berlin, Germany
    2:30 PM CET
    This is ancient cemetery located in the heart of Berlin, Germany.