Wax Lithophane Master, some tricks and its industry news

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    As you know Lithophane is a 3d relief of photograph or sculpture done on porcelain wares. The original master is done with carving wax. They use clear wax because it gives the same tonality of porcelain.

    Before entering the subject , there is only one book about it published couple of years ago by a US based museum , one book in 180 years. I was thinking its a death art but when I searched the ebay , there are thousands of newly made lithopane porcelain pottery , tea sets , lamps from china been sold at ebay less than 10 dollars. I think there must be a goverment based course or school which teaches that art in china and there must be books or course notes.

    I am in jewellery making and some precision parts and jewelers or lathe , cnc wax is my interest area. I watched a video as candle making from wax at discovery channel and I learned an interesting trick. Candle makers uses warm , newly cast and cooled with extreme caution wax to carve out sculptural leafs from the big block of wax.

    The trick is you have 15 minutes until wax been fully cooled and hardened. Casted and fast water cooled wax is more tool friendly than butter and hand carving is a joy. It comes out fast and very clean. I dont know whether this is in lithophane art but if you cant work it out , you might listen me.

    I asked myself , before cnc or wax lathe- 160 euros - the bare master with carving , may be I can add to the surface and work reverse for coming light relief.

    There are jewelers hot wax guns out there and there is 3D wax inkjet printing technology. You can order your 6x6 originals from printer or add on to flat jewelers wax with hot gun. Large blocks cost 16 euros here.

    Wax inkjet technology is the highest precision in the world.