Warnecke tri-color carbo photos at the National Portrait Gallery

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    My wife and I went into DC today to see the show: "In Vibrant Color: Vintage Celebrity Portraits from the Harry Warnecke Studio". See:

    It was a small, but stunning group of photos using this process. One of our favorites was of Louis Armstrong. Here it is:

    Hard to describe, but the photos appeared to be very "creamy", yet still sharp. My wife loved the photo of Lucile Ball. Amen - we remember her as a wacky housewife in "I Love Lucy", but the Warnecke photo of her is breath-taking - a very glamorous photo - and what a beautiful woman she was.

    Still at the NPG is "The Black List". See:
    All these photos are taken with a large format camera (8 x 10, I think) and are impressive in their detail. Wanna see what Whoopi Goldberg's eyelash looks like?
    "The Black List" is a very powerful exhibit.

    and the NPG is a great place!