Want to trade for Chamonix 5x8 and holders

Discussion in '[Classifieds] For Trade' started by Old-N-Feeble, Nov 25, 2017.

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    FOR NOW, I'M ONLY INTERESTED IN TRADES. I haven't the funds to make any purchases at the moment.

    I want to trade for a 5x8 Chamonix Convertible and/or film holders.

    I'm also looking for a shuttered lens in 600-720mm focal length.

    I have (for trade) a Chamonix 45-N1 with upgraded ground glass/Fresnel. This is the Black Walnut version, which I much prefer. It has a Maxwell screen, professionally installed and precisely aligned by the technician recommended by Bill Maxwell. This screen is the one recommended by Maxwell as the best all-around version for general purpose photography. It's a significant improvement over the factory screen.

    I have many nice 4x5 Toyo and Riteway double dark slides.

    I also have one of each (for trade), 38mm, 47mm and 58mm Super Angulon XL lenses... as well as several others.

    I have many various Graflex cameras too.
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