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    The summer school at Belmont Hill, in Belmont MA is looking for a summer school photo teacher. I taught it for a few years and it's a pretty good gig. I am retiring and can't really see hanging around this summer, so I'm putting the job out on APUG. The teacher they had last year was great, but she can't do it this year.

    There is a traditional, well-equipped darkroom and solid school-year program in traditional photography, but there are also scanners and computers and printers for those whose drums beat differently. The course is listed, I believe, as a darkroom-based class. The class runs from late June to mid August. More info is available here, as a brochure download. If you want to contact the director directly, his name is Steve Kaplan and he can be reached at school every day (he's the head of the arts department here) 617-484-4410. He's also my former student!