Victorian/Melburnian APUG get-togethers!

Discussion in 'Member Organized Functions' started by munz6869, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Hot on the heels of our successful outing to Noojee yesterday (with in excess of 20 people!!), it has been suggested we start a thread for future events. Already, Mick has suggested putting together later in the year some sort of paper negative event (like the thing Simon Galley from Ilford did successfully in another thread), and other folks may simply have some good ideas for interesting places in the state we can get out and photograph, sticky beak at everyone's fascinating gear, natter wisely about all things analogue, and hopefully all within proximity of food and coffee :smile:

    It's a great help meeting other (equally mad) film photographers from time to time - you learn a lot, and affirm your own ways of doing things.

    Start posting your thoughts!!

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    Yes, I do agree Marc that a second event is warranted, especially since for each outing arranged we have sign-ons then no-shows or some other mitigating circumstance intervenes. Not keen on a winter event, but Spring would have many opportunities. I favour Walhalla because it has a pub and coffee (and good coffee, too!) and is not too strenuous to get around. You'll even find two waterfalls in Walhalla (!).