Vernier Scales

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    Hi. Newbie question here.
    A while ago I purchased a Speed Graphic and I've spent a month or more trying to calibrate my top-mounted RF with the images I get on the glass with no success. Then, it occured to me that maybe someone had swapped lenses, but not cams. Sure enough, I pulled the cam and found it stamped for 135mm, whereas my lens is the 127mm Ektar.
    So, I figured until I find/make the proper cam, I'd use the vernier scales for hand-held shots. My question is, does anyone know of "to-scale" downloadable vernier images that I could transfer to a plate, or should I just suck it up and get out the tape rule and measure the distances myself?
    Or, is the real deal out there to be found, and if so, are they as rare as cams?