Vermont Center for Photography Portrait show

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    From the info page;

    A juried exhibit with work by old masters, VCP members, and photographers from around the Northeast

    The Portrait Show at the Vermont Center for Photography (VCP) explores the art of the portrait with works by some great masters, work from VCP members, and new, emerging photographic artist from schools around the Northeast. Work from contemporary photographers will share wall space with master photographers such as Minor White, Lotte Jocobi, and Jan Saudek. Almost 400 images were juried to put together a extremely wide ranging exhibition of 70 photographs. From early French medical photography to contemporary nudes, the exhibit explores the changes in what a portrait has been and whathas stayed the same. A portrait has always been as much about the photographer as the subject. This exhibit brings the viewer’s personal viewpoint into play as he or she reacts to such varied perspectives.

    My impressions,
    The amount of work in the show is almost overwhelming, but there's something for everyone, some very traditional, some explorative, and some that is shocking. I found myself curious as to what the back-story might have been in many of the images. However it was a nice cap to the day, and I'll be back over there for another look, or two.

    See for details, and hours.