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    Every year Nickerson & Associates sponsors university-level interns. In 2009 we will offer an internship in the arts for 11 weeks during the summer. Interns will be expected to show up on time and adhere to normal workplace meal and rest break rules when in the office. As part of the process, the arts intern will be required to present progress reports at a weekly seminar.

    The arts intern will present a proposal for a project that will entail a time commitment of 40 hours a week and a showing, reading or performance at the end of the internship. Though this intern will work away from our offices, he or she will be required to come in weekly.

    Internships begin June 8, 2009 and will continue through August 21st. Each intern will be able to take one week (five working days) off over the eleven week period, but they cannot include days in the first or last week. July 4th (this year either the 3rd or the 6th) is also a holiday. In other words, work consists of 10 weeks of full-time work (400 hours).

    Each intern will be paid $6,000 over the course of the 11 weeks. That comes out to $15 per hour. You are paid for your five days off and the July 4th holiday. You will be paid every two weeks and regular payroll taxes will be deducted.

    College Credit
    If you are chosen to be an intern and want to get college credit for your work we will work with you to make that possible. We are not directly affiliated with a university, but we have worked this out with university registrars and faculty in the past.

    If you are applying for the arts fellowship, you should provide a letter, a résumé, references and a brief description of the project you are proposing. If you are an artist in an area that normally creates a portfolio of work, we would like to be able to see some of that. After going through the brief proposal, we will contact you for a more in depth explanation. The arts proposal can be in any field including music, dance, theater, writing, photography, film and the other visual and plastic arts.

    Once we get applications we will do a first cut and interview, either in person or by phone, those applicants we see as the best candidates. We will stop accepting applications on May 20th and will make final decisions on May 27th.

    Please send applications to