UK Workshops! 11 July to 12 August 2011

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    The Fox Talbot Workshops in Historic Processes was founded to bring together world class instructors passionate about early photographic processes and techniques and bring them to the fabulous venue of Lacock Abbey, the birthplace of photography, to offer quality programs unavailable anywhere else. We offer hands-on workshops for artists, conservators, museum professionals and those simply interested in the early history of photography.

    * Beautiful, historic Wiltshire village will act as the backdrop for the workshops. This small village of 88 buildings, none built after the discovery of photography has been used as the setting for various BBC costume dramas and major motion pictures such as Harry Potter.

    * Our workshops limit the number of participants to insure individual attention and assistance from the instructors

    * We have a modern darkroom located in a medieval barn at the edge of the village. Our equipment includes wet weather facilities so work can go on rain or shine.

    * All equipment is supplied for each workshop so you can travel light. You are welcome to bring along your modern cameras to document the workshop if you wish. Of if you are in a printing workshop and wish to print one of your own large format negatives, feel free to bring it along.

    * The Fox Talbot Museum Curator, Education Coordinator and other staff will be available to offer support and to answer any questions about Lacock or local services.

    * All workshop attendees are given free access to the property and museum during the workshop (usual admission fee of £11 per day is waived).