U.K Platinum Printing Workshops (Febuary March April)

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    I teach one day workshops in Platinum/Palladium and Cyanotype printing and they are open to both beginners and advanced darkroom users.

    Workshops are limited to two participants (although I do teach one to one) and the dates for the workshop are flexible and are either on weekdays or the weekend, whichever is suitable for the two participants’s involved. At the moment I am taking bookings for February, March and April and I have a good number of people interested in dates during these months that I can pair individuals with.

    If you require any further information please feel free to contact me at platinumprinting@hotmail.co.uk, additional information can be found at www.platinumprinting.co.uk which includes a number of testimonials and reviews from previous participants as well as examples of platinum prints created on the workshops.
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    I've recommended Dave's workshops before and I'm happy to do so again. If you have an interest in trying Pt/Pd printing this is a great way to see what is involved which is probably a lot less than you fear...