Ty Guillory (handmade) half-plate tintype camera

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    I feel bad about selling this, but I need the money so here goes.

    This is a camera I got from Mr. Ty Guillory, who hand-makes cherry wood cameras that are historically authentic. A few years back I wanted to get into this...might happen in the future but this entire kit has sat untouched since then. It's as pristine as if it came from his workshop.

    It's got everything you need to get started (even some basic hints and tips from the man, himself)...even 2 sheets of black aluminum!
    This is a gorgeous piece of work -- I should note the lens is an actual vintage piece, but the camera itself is newly made, dovetail jointed beauty.

    Please see enclosed photos, as well as Mr. Guillory's site (http://www.tyguillory.com/index.htm) -- I will try answer any questions but I don't know this process, so I barely know the names of the various parts.

    I paid over $1500 for this at the time, I am asking $1000 plus shipping.

    PS - I have other photos, can send them upon request.

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    Half Plate Camera

    Hello, I was inquiring if the Half plate camera was still for sale?

    Thank you,
    Peter Essick