Turner Reich Anastigmat Triple Convertible 12", 21", 28" Lens

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    Jun 6, 2012
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    I started to put together a 8x10 camera and then decided it would be best to stay with 4x5 for the time being. The Betax shutter is in good working condition although it sounds like 1/100 and 1/50 might be a little slow. There is some internal dust and cleaning marks which isn't surprising for the age of the lens. I'd like to get $125 + shipping (this is what I have in the lens.) If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them.

    $T2eC16N,!yUE9s6NDMHfBRlqujCFq!~~60_57.JPG $(KGrHqR,!qwFGTqRdw8RBRlqum4t8g~~60_57.JPG $T2eC16F,!wsE9suw)yL3BRlquqpEQw~~60_57.JPG $T2eC16V,!)0E9s37GHCPBRlquuRWzQ~~60_57.JPG $T2eC16d,!zoE9s5ngH+YBRlqu)(01w~~60_57.JPG $(KGrHqR,!l4FGGgzJZW1BRlqu0Q-Hw~~60_57.JPG $T2eC16N,!wsE9suw)kV1BRlqu3Druw~~60_57.JPG $T2eC16F,!wsE9suw)yL3BRlqu6BCu!~~60_57.JPG