Transparent Polyurethane Foam and Emulsion Making

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    I learned 3 things about emulsion making and use of gelatin.

    Gelatin is chemical permeable , its transparent and can be very hard.

    I think I found a chemical which could be used at homemade or factory made emulsions. It is transparent polyurethane foam.

    It can be loaded in to inkjet printer cartridges , can be jet very thin liquid layer , after waiting couple of minutes , liquid turns in to transparent foam and this foam could be loaded with silver nitrate with inkjet or hand pouring.

    Or other way is to jet silver nitrate in a solution with polyurethane at the same time , with different cartridges , or mix polyurethane liquid with silvernitrate and inkjet together.

    Other interesting thing is to use this process for printing paper.
    If we have a scanner and negative , we use them for electronic file and print a silver nitrate multidensity polyurethane image on to paper and than expose them with another negative.

    By the way we can adjust the emulsion composition for film at hand before expose.

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