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    since i'm interested in a smaller enlarger, durst usa has offered to excchange my l1200 for an l184 model.unfortunately, i'm not familiar with that model. i'dlike to get an up-to-medium-format color enlarger. can you recommend the 184, or would you stay away from the trade?
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    Ralph , I have a newer version of the 184 which can be turned on its side for wall projection.. the head is 2000 watt colour head.
    If this is the version the enlarger you are considering then yes its a great unit.

    I googled durst 184 and I did see a condenser version which looked much older, I cannot comment on that version, but looking at it for your purpose I would stay away and move to a Deveere.
    The nicest colour enlargers at mid size IMO are the Deveere 4 x 5 or if you are currently in the UK then 5 x 4.
    the drop table versions with the focusing knobs in front are to die for.

    my 2cents... I do like durst but sometimes overkill and expensive.
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    Smaller?? Is there a misprint somewhere?

    If you do go for the L184 (an 8x10 enlarger) you would find it an excellent choice. Since it is all mechanical, the column does not rely on a power source like the later L1840 model and it should last for years and years. One weak point might be the column springs.

    The L184 can accept many different heads, like the CLS300, CLS301, Condenser head, CLS2000 and CLS1840, Chromega F, Devere, etc.

    Maybe you mean the M805? That is a 'baby' version of the massive CLS1840. Real nice mechanical/dichroic enlarger for medium format.
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