Toyo View 45G & 810G kit

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    Jan 15, 2013
    Adelaide, Au
    Toyo View 45G & 810G kit:

    82 TV810G rear standard, camera back with bellows, tripod mounting block, 500mm monorail and ground glass protection board.
    6-Toyo View double dark cut film holders.
    1830 RB4V8M reducing adaptor for 4x5 back accessories.
    Original aluminium carry case.

    Mint condition, light use & only used in studio

    80 TV45G front & rear standard, focussing hood with standard bellows, tripod mounting block & 150mm of monorail.
    Extra 150mm monorail.
    8022 BL45G longer bellows.
    8060HVG Bellows lens hood.
    1050 AFVM Adaptor board for Graphic 4x5" lens board.
    FH45MB focusing hood & FH45R Reflex mirror hood.
    BB45G Wide angle balloon bellows.
    1055 WFVM 38mm recessed adaptor to Graphic lens board for wide angle lens.
    14 assorted condition 4x5 double dark cut film holders.
    Original aluminium carry case.

    Good condition used in studio & on location

    $2000 or best offer
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.