Top 10 reasons I will shoot more film in 2011

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    Just took a minute out to post the top ten reasons that I personally will shoot more film in 2011 and why I think some of my blog readers that don't should consider it. I am posting a link here for a couple of reasons. The first is that the complete inability to EVER shoot Kodachrome hit me like a brick this year. I never "gave up" on Kodachrome and always had it in the back of my mind as my "go to film" for color, I used to shoot a ton of it. The problem is I am not really a "color guy" for personal photographic projects - stuff I really care about while I am shooting it.

    As you all probably know - what images we "care about" changes with the perspective of time - A hot project today may be something that you don't care about 10 years from now. The images that you carelessly snapped today could be something that are most important to you down the road. I feel into the trap where I didn't really think about what or how I was shooting color over the last 5 years or a little more. Yes I have always shot film but not color film - that was relegated to "don't care digital". I plan to rectify that in 2011 - my resolution is to shoot at least half of "don't care color" on film this year. You see when Kodachrome died I went back through a lot of my "Kodachrome rejects" from the past, images that I didn't really "care" about at the time and further more rejected because of some technical or artistic "flaw" in my judgement at the time - guess what happened - I love them, well at least some of them and said to myself "I wish I would have shot more Kodachrome while I could"

    I blame myself as part of Kodachrome's demise - This year my "don't care" images are going on film at least in part - I put it in quotes because you cannot possible know that when you are shooting them depending on the subject matter. Being a black and white guy color to me has always been a commercial endeavor, for the clients, for selling stuff on eBay, etc. It wasn't my art - guess what. In some ways I didn't understand then - it was just as much a part of my photographic experience as black and white.

    2011 is the year of color film resurgence for me. Feel free to take a look at my other more rational reasons and contribute if so inclined - help me convince my digital readership to at least shoot some film in 2011.

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    I shoot my personal projects in B&W also. The only time is shot color was family snapshots. I got a digital P&S when our son was born and started using that for snaps. I never really felt comfortable with using a screen as a viewfinder. (I even tried to tell myself that is was only a small ground glass, but that didn’t work.) So, last October, I dug out my Minolta P&S and loaded it with some color neg. film and I’m happier. (I still use the digi for eBay stuff though.)

    As for using color for personal projects, I may try a little of that this year. I do like the look of large transparencies. The problem is developing. I’ve become very picky and I will probably end up doing my own E-6.

  3. OK, so now we know who the bad guy was!

    You are charged with shooting fifty rolls of 135-36 color for this year! Take that you iconoclast! :smile: