Thread: Schneider Kreuznach 210mm G-Claron in Copal Shutter. Dagor type covers 8X10!

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    This is the early version of the Schneider G-Claron 210mm f9 lens. I always refer to these as the "poor man's Gold Dot Dagor" Sold by the same company in the same era, I believe the only difference is that the G-Claron is 2/3 stop slower. Both are single coated, and both have stunning crisp contrast and clarity.


    Oh, the other difference is about a thousand dollars you won't pay me for this lens.


    This lens covers 8X10 nicely with just about an inch and a half of movements available. On 8X10 it is a true wide field. Not wide angle, but wide field. The image of the woody wagon was 8X10 with quite a bit of front rise to get the wagon nearer the bottom of the frame.


    It's just one of those lenses that never seems to let me down. Lucky for you, I have 2.


    The shutter is New Old Stock, fresh out of it's box. And the lens is flawless. And if you backpack, it's light as a feather. For folders, this only needs an inch of space. It can fold up inside many of the field cameras.