The World Journal of Post-Factory Photography

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    I just received my issues from Judy Siegel and haven't been able to put them down (it's a good thing my school reading was done before they arrived!). If you are a alt process printer, interested in alt processes, or interested in general photographic history I recommend buying the set.

    Here's an old link from Ed Buffaloe on where he says what he thinks about it...

    "Post-Factory Photography is certainly the best underground do-it-yourself alternative-process photography magazine on the planet, containing no end of arcane information. The magazine quickly becomes an indispensable reference for anyone interested in alternative processes."

    The magazine ended at 9 issues and you can buy a set for a reduced cost over what Ed mentions. Contact the editor Judy Siegel ( for more information and the current price. These magazines were printed in small runs and even though she has ordered reprints the supply is limited.

    I have nothing to do with this magazine other than the fact that I now own a set--one of our members, Sandy King, was a frequent contributor to the magazine so if he sees this he may jump in and say something about the overall quality of the magazine, no pressure, Sandy.
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    To put it shortly, KICK_ASS.