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    dear photo friends,

    for those who are close to zeeland, the netherlands, i would like to kindly invite you to come and have a look at my photo project "the human nature" at the "kunstschouw art festival" on the island of schouwen-duiveland.

    about my project:
    the human nature is about planning the natural landscape and how we "decorate" it. in the netherlands there is actually no real wild nature, almost everything is human made. the landscape in our hearts and dreams is often unspoilt and unoccupied. so when a landscape is designed, it will often be a romantic landscape. this is the human nature. the best visual description of our natural landscape is a romantic description.
    for this ongoing project i am working with a linhof technika with a rodenstock 200mm imagon on 4x5" and 120 film. for the current exhibition i made a selection of seven black and white images (fully analog) and two colour images (scanned colour negatives).


    mira's galerie,
    kloosterweg 80-82
    the netherlands
    (there are several bridges going to the island)

    i will be present next thursday from 10h to 15h.
    if you want you can already have a look at some photographs here (spoiler alert).
    comments/remarks/advice are welcome.

    best regards, quinten buijsse
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