Thank you Gossen...I think

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by CraigK, Feb 8, 2007.

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    Aug 20, 2003
    Strange story.

    A while ago I lost the battery door on my Gossen starlite meter. I contacted my guy at the local photo store who said he would try to get a replacement from the Canadian distributer of Gossen meters. However, he was not hopeful that I would get it any time soon since that particular distributer has a reputation for customer "dis-service" as it were. So I contacted Gossen in Germany via their website. I sent a note asking where I could get a replacement part.

    A week later and two emails sent, no reply from Gossen.

    So I searched the net and after contacting a few places finally found Bogen in the US and a very nice chap who had some spares for a whopping $2.80! Great! I ordered on immediately and even agreed to the $6 shipping charge to get it here.

    That was last week. This morning, in the mail was not one but TWO replacement doors for my meter. But here's the kicker: They were from GOSSEN in Germany! A card inside said "with compliments". I'm thrilled of course...but I also realize that I have a third door now on the way from Bogen USA.

    So, cheers and thanks to Gossen (but would an email reply to my first inquiries have killed ya?) and cheers and thanks to Bogen USA and, well, does anyone need a battery door for a Gossen Starlite? I've got a spare.