Telex Caramate slide projectors in Lincoln, Neb.

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    To begin, I am giving these away but they are heavy and shipping will probably be about $30 in the US. International, I doubt it's even worth it but I'll ship if you pay. I am in Lincoln, Neb., and will be willing to work with people nearby to arrange pickup/delivery.


    Second, I do not know much about these projectors, or about projectors in general.

    For the past 20 years, these have been in the back room at Gass Camera Repair in Kansas City. Clarence Gass is retiring at the end of the month. Some of you may have dealt with Clarence. He is an exceptional camera repairman and a genuinely good person. If you have talked to him, you probably know that he has a penchant for railing against certain U.S. presidents and that he enjoys making people laugh.

    I stopped to visit him last week, and he is in the middle of packing up a 50-year career. He had about 20 of these machines stacked up and wanted me to help him get rid of them so he doesn't have to take them home. He said these came from The Dickinson Movie theaters in Kansas City a couple decades ago.

    He said these projectors were the cat's meow or the Cadillac or some other luxury euphemism, in their day. "Leica copied them to make their own projectors," he said.

    He had planned to repair what needed repairing, and to re-sell them. I assume this was at a time when fancy projectors were in demand. That is obviously no longer the case.

    Some of them are NOT working. It may be that ALL of them are not working. I say some, with certainty, only because some have notes taped to them, which describe what needs to be repaired.

    If you are seriously interested in one, I can try to set up and test but there is no guarantee. I have never used a projector in my life so even my ability to test is limited. Please message me with any questions or if you would like more photos. If nobody responds in a week, these will unfortunately go to the landfill.

    I have absolutely no use for them, although I may hold on to one to try someday.

    Somehow, he convinced me to take nine of them.
    So there are eight available.
    I also have the carousels. Some are 80 and some are 140 carousels. And I have the lenses. I think they are Kodak lenses.

    Message if you want more details.