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    Hi All,

    Steve's Cuba workshop has been rescheduled to Nov.15-24th 2003.

    "Due to new U.S. Government restrictions I won't be able to run my annual workshop to Cuba next year. This will be the last year that U.S. citizens will be able to visit Cuba legally and photograph. As a result I have just moved next years workshop up to November 15 to November 24. All my students agreed to change. However, this means I only have a month to fill the workshop".

    I'm posting a notice here, and have added a graphic on the site page header. Hopefully this will help Steve fill his remaining spots.

    Full details are on his website: CLICK HERE

    Good Luck Steve!
  2. David A. Goldfarb

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    Looks like a great opportunity. Wish I could get away, but alas...
  3. OP

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    There are still some spots open. Here is the status from Steve:

    Last Chance to Visit Cuba

    Many photographers ask me how they can travel to Cuba, always assuming that
    it is illegal to do so. Well, they're partly right, it is illegal to go on
    your own, but it is legal to travel with groups that are licensed by the
    U.S. Treasury Department to visit the country for educational or cultural
    reasons. Unfortunately, the current administration has announced that
    these group licenses will be suspended as of January 2004.

    For this reason, every holder of a cultural or educational license to Cuba,
    including myself, is scrambling to take as many visitors to the land that
    time forgot, before the end of the year. Those of us who have been there
    feel it is important for peace and understanding between our countries that
    Americans from all walks of life see for themselves the situation in
    Cuba. While this may result in their feeling that the embargo should be
    lifted, it may just as easily result in feeling that the Cuban people are
    oppressed and the embargo is justified. Unfortunately, the current
    administration does not seem to feel that we should be allowed to make this
    determination for ourselves.

    That being said, Cuba is one of the unique photographic destinations in the
    world. It is a cross between the U.S. of the 1960s and a third world
    wannabe. You can spend weeks, months, in Havana, exploring the different
    districts, Habana Centro, Habana Vieja, Vedado, Miramar, and never run out
    of experiences or new places to visit and photograph, from the resplendent
    churches to cigar factories, where the best cigars in the world are still
    rolled by hand. The cemetery in Havana is the oldest in the Western
    Hemisphere. Habana Vieja (Old Havana) has received a four billion dollar
    grant to restore buildings as old as the 1600s. Every time I visit, more
    buildings have been restored.

    A day drive to the west of Havana will find you in tropical jungles,
    tobacco plantations, and small villages by the roadside. Head east and you
    find the carefully preserved city of Trinidad, a relic from the 1600s.

    Cuba is unquestionably the safest destination in the world. I would
    personally trust my cameras, belongings, and person to travel freely
    throughout the island without fear of loss or injury. I can't say the same
    for New York City or Austin, Texas. The Cuban people are among the
    friendliest I have met in my world travels, and they like Americans. The
    general consensus on the streets is the problem is between the governments,
    both governments, not between our people.

    Even the Cuban people feel this will change when the embargo is
    lifted. Personally, I see a McDonald's on every corner that doesn't have a
    KFC. If you have ever desired to see and photograph the historic old
    cities filled with 1950s Buicks, bicycles, and picturesque faces; if you
    want to visit Cuba while it is still legal to do so, and before Wal-Mart
    moves in, this is your last chance. I will be taking a small group on
    November 15. We will be staying at the historic Hotel Inglaterra, which
    sits on the border of Habana Vieja and Habana Centro. Time is short, so
    contact me right away for an itinerary and additional information. Film
    and digital cameras, as well as non-photographers, are welcome.
    Steve Anchell
    Cuba Workshop
    Date: November 15 to November 24, 2003
    Location: Cuba (Havana, Vinales, Cienfuego, Trinidad)
    Included: Round-trip airfare from Miami, all hotels, all breakfasts, some
    dinners, transportation outside Havana, U.S. Treasury License, Cuban Visa,
    photography instruction (optional).
    Tuition$2500.00 double-occupancy
    More information:; 719-256-4157