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    Jan 26, 2005
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    This weekend I have been looking for a LED light source and sent out a couple of emails and they were answered in less then 12 hours, wow. Mr. Richard Ross, RH Designs, was kind enough to direct me to Heiland Electronic who makes LED light sources for different enlarges. When asked if they had an English website, Mr. Jurgen Heiland responded by sending a pdf. Their LED light source is design to work with their Splitgrade controller, cost can arrange from 1679 Euros for a 4x5 to 2587 Euros for a 5x7, less if you have the Splitgrade controller.



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    Jan 26, 2005
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    Having difficulty with the attachment.

    Heiland electronic GmbH Schulstrasse 8 D-35579 Wetzlar phone:++49 6441 26978 email: heielec@t-online.de
    New Technology for your existing enlarger
    Do you want a Splitgrade system but your enlarger is
    not yet supported? Are you happy with your enlarger
    and don't want to change it? Maybe it's an older
    condenser enlarger but still working well. Or are you
    unhappy about losing the ability to print colour after
    modifying a colour head to work with the Splitgrade
    Here is our solution: Simply replace the complete light
    source of your enlarger with our brand new LED cold
    light. This works independent of the existing light
    characteristic, even a condenser enlarger can be
    equipped with the latest modern Heiland cold light
    Instead of the usual neon tubes, our system uses hundreds of super bright LED´s in 3 colours
    (blue, green and red) leading to several advantages like
    • No light drift – stable light from the first millisecond of exposure.
    • White light for focussing purposes
    • Built in red light function , could be switched direct from safe light to exposure
    • Insensitive to mechanical shock
    • Can be adapted in size to your individual enlarger
    • Emits paper safe red light to target burn in areas
    With only 25% of the power consumption of traditional halogen tungsten light sources, our light
    source produces an equivalent light intensity. No fan is needed.
    The light falloff in the corners of the negative is eliminated with our light source. The life time of
    the LED´s is several thousand hours, no replacement of LED´s is expected.
    The cold light source is controlled directly by the Splitgrade controller; existing controllers can
    be used by simply updating the software.
    We adapt the size of the light source for your existing enlarger, at the moment we offer light
    sources for
    • 6x9cm negatives
    • 4x5 inch negatives
    • 13x18cm negatives
    • 8x10 inch negatives
    Other sizes could be produced on demand – please contact us.
    LED coldlight source
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    Is that list price? Or retail? What's the split grade controller? 2600 for the 5x7? I'm afraid to ask about the 8x10.