Spencer Tunick Exhibition June 8th - A joke

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    Seems that finally we will get to see the work of Mr Tunick. Of course those who believed we would be feasting our eyes on a large prints hanging on a wall, think again... we are getting a website to look at! Seems the rumours of financial disagreements between the Artist and the DDA are true.

    here is the body of the email recieved today by all participants.

    Dear Spencer Tunick Participant,

    We know it's been a long wait for you all, but we can now confirm arrangements for the distribution and exhibition of the Spencer Tunick prints.

    The Docklands Authority will be sending the limited edition photographs of the Dublin installation by post to all participants the week commencing the 8th June 2009. Each participant will receive one photograph chosen by the artist from the day they participated - either Saturday on the South Wall or Sunday on the Alto Vetro building on Pearse Street. If you participated on both days you will receive two prints which will be posted to you in separate envelopes. Participants cannot request a different image to the one chosen by the artist. Each photograph will measure 8 x 10 inches and will be printed on the same high quality photographic paper that Spencer Tunick uses for his larger art images.

    In light of the current climate, the Docklands Authority and Cork Midsummer Festival have agreed on a new format to exhibit the photographs and videos from the Spencer Tunick Ireland Installations. The two organisations have jointly commissioned the artist to create a new website which will include photographs and video footage taken by Spencer and his crew during both installations. This is the first time Tunick's work will be available exclusively through a website, and presents a new democracy to the exhibition - people from across Ireland and beyond will have the opportunity to 'visit' the exhibition regardless of their location! We feel that this extra documentary material will give added value to the exhibition and will capture the excitement and fun that was generated by the project in Dublin and Cork. The website will go live just after the prints have been received by the participants on the week of 8th June, for a period of four months. Details of the exact web address will be posted to you with the Tunick print.

    If your postal address has changed since you filled in the release form last year, please send the correct details to dublindocklands@spencertunickireland.ie as soon as possible, and they will be updated on our database. If for any reason you do not receive your Dublin print please contact the Docklands Authority and not the artist.

    Thanks again for your participation in this great project. It was certainly one of the cultural highlights of 2008. We hope that you will enjoy seeing the beautiful works which could not have been created without you!

    The Dublin Docklands Development Authority

    "New Democracy...." what cretin thought of that spin !

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    Sadly a commercial exercise like this was always going to be about money.I am pleased the participants are getting their prints at last. A very poor show from both photographer and Dublin Docklands Development Authority.