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    I am selling a Brockway-Sekonic Studio Meter. This beautifully crafted meter is in good shape. It comes with an ASA-10 slide, leather case, and an attachment I think is called a Photo Grid. The light dome has a slight dimple in it, and it seems to have a bit of play when seated on the meter, but this may be normal. The dome is also bit yellowed as these seem to get over time. The readings are within 1/2 stop of my very modern Sekonic Studio Pro which is pretty good. The ASA-10 slide is the so-called "High Slide". The operation of this meter is pretty obvious if you know the in's-and-out's of incident metering and exposure very well, but I don't recommend this meters to beginners unless they have a friend to instruct them. In any event there is a complete manual online here:


    Note that the Brockway Sekonic does not require batteries, and in fact has a very powerful magnet such that it works in much lower light conditions than a typical passive cell type meter. It is also more accurate than the typical passive cell meter. I'd call this a pro-grade meter if there ever was one (they are particularly popular with film makers). The modern version of this classic meter (the Sekonic L-398A) sells for around $200.

    My price: $20 plus shippingUSD
    Price : 20.00


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