SOLD - 58mm Grandagon - SOLD

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    Jul 6, 2009
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    4x5 Format

    This one would be near mint except for the common edge separation in the rear cells (see last pic). They can be re-cemented but I'll leave that to someone else. This was originally in a Graflex helical mount which is long gone. My asking price is worth it for the front cells and shutter alone.

    This is a coated lens.

    Front cells are near mint... could be an excellent replacement for damaged front cells on another lens.

    Rear cells have periferal separation... otherwise near mint... can be re-cemented.

    Shutter is near mint... has the Graflex controls.

    White specs caused by image uploads.

    $155 OBO plus shipping.

    Postal MO or money gram only.

    Price : 155.00