Small Works: Big Ideas - Vermont Center for Photography

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    Small Works: Big Ideas

    VCP Exhibiting Members

    For the month of December, the Vermont Center for Photography showcases the new works of its exhibiting members, priced reasonably for the holiday season.

    The exhibit includes a wide range of the photographic medium. From color landscapes to close-up nature photography, black and white abstrations, documentary and even pinhole photography.
    Some of the artists include: Elsa Vitols, Sam Pettengill, Jean Davis, Heather Beard, Charles Carpino, Gene Butera, Paul Miller, Judy Stalus, Jonathan Flaccus, Paul Adkins, Stephen Parker, Barry Dial, Bernie Ethier, Sam Griffis, Bob Cantius, Al Karevy, Michael Havey, Paul Miller, Richard Ritter and Bob George.