Slavich Unibrom 160 grade 3

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    Couple of comments on this paper.

    Setting up my analyser pro I found it needs +12 (1 stop) over the basic Ilford MGRC setting. Although this paper is supposed to be red-light only, my safe-light test showed no difference between my standard light which has an Ilford amber glass filter and a patterson red safelight. No exposure detected at all under either amber or red on a coin test for 4 mins PLUS a flash under the enlarger for time 1 stop less than highlight measurement on my analyser (which in this case was about 3.5 seconds).

    Also, impossible to "see" which is the right side of the paper in the safelight. Determined the coated side has a slightly tacky feel whereas the back is silky.

    Just my personal tests - others' experience may vary!