SILVERGRAIN Products update

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    Dec 9, 2005
    Our unique range of environmentally-safer chemistry has now been updated and features various enhancements:

    New improvements for stable processing performance and enhanced shelf life. Photographic performance, including image tone, has not been changed.

    TEKTOL BLACK replaces Tektol Neutral.
    New modified formula which produces colder black tones and faster processing times. New improvements for stable processing performance and enhanced shelf life.

    CLEARFIX NEUTRAL replaces Clearfix Alkaline.
    Our original alkaline fixer has been replaced by a neutral pH formula with the following enhancements:
    - Very low odor
    - Increased concentration for greater cost effectiveness
    - Lower pricing
    - pH 7: safe to use with pyro and staining type developers
    - Suitable for use with ALL standard b&w photo processes

    CLEARSTOP - New Product
    Although we recommend use of a water bath in an acid-free processing system, many Silvergrain users have asked us to provide a stop bath for circumstances in which an acid stop bath is more convenient than water rinse. Clearstop is a citric stop bath which is completely free of acetic acid and can be used to replace any other commercial stop bath. Apart from its very low toxicity, Clearstop offers a significant advantage over other stop baths because it is dye-free and will not discolor the fixer solution when you are using a non-acid fixer such as Clearfix.

    CLEARWASH: no change to product

    For more information, please visit the Silvergrain products overview:

    We are often asked about our plans to bring out Silvergrain film developers. At the moment there is no schedule for production of film developers, but we are hoping to add these to the existing range in the future and will release any information as soon as we have it.