Shutter issue on Minox 35 GT?

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    I bought a lovely Minox 35 GT on an auction site, the camera is really in almost unused condition, and one of the later batches with iso dial up to 1600, however while taking pics with it I discovered a really strange behaviour of the shutter:

    when the exposure meter needle is on the 125 or above position, pushing the shutter button to take a photo triggers the following events:
    - selftimer led starts blinking as if the selftimer has been engaged
    - in the viewfinder the exposure meter needle moves at the same pace of the blinking of the selftimer led
    - if I point the camera towards a less illuminated scene that makes the exposure meter needle going below 125, the shutter is triggered
    - if I keep the camera pointing to a scene where the exposure meter needle stays on 125 or above, the shutter is actuated at the end of the self timer count as it should

    The camera seems to work fine when taking pics with the selftimer
    Thus the camera seems to work fine till the exposure meter needle does not cross the 125 symbol in the viewfinder

    I have not yet developed the rolls but apart from the issue I described, the shutter seems to work fine
    I have tried setting and resetting selftimer, taking the batteries off but none seems to fix the issue

    Is this another case of the minox shutter electronics failure?

    thanks for your suggestions