Shooting paper on Graflex

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    Dec 26, 2005
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    So I got a Crown Graphic last week or so. And I had some HP5+ already loaded up in sheet holders to try, but instead I decided to be a little offbeat and load up some Kodak Polycontrast III RC 8x10 paper cut down to 4x5 size. It made for a nice little experiment to kill some boredom, and to just watch it develop. Course I'm thinking next time I should remove the polycontrast filter holder on my enlarger and put it on front of the graflex instead and use some contrast filters, as I can imagine the varying colors gets different contrast in various areas. Regardless it was fun, and seems the paper has roughly the equivilent exposure of ISO 2. Here are two exposures in the morning sunlight, one at 1/2 sec @ f/11, the other at f/16. So yea, paper very tight on the lattitude. Developed in Dektol 1:2 for 2 minutes @ 68F.

    (this one had some camerashake on the unsteady tripod, plus I didnt let the paper dry 100% before putting it on the scanner)


    I had one where I exposed flash based on the ISO 10 guess originally which came out very dark and contrasty. Really don't care to post it, cuz it'll show how much of a slob I am in the living room. lol. :surprised: