Shen Hao TFC 617-A Camera w/fresnel & RFB - Mint

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    Dec 15, 2011
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    4x5 Format
    What’s for Sale?
    Shen Hao TFC 617-A (non-folding) panoramic camera w/ factory installed fresnel lens and RFB, 7 Shen Hao lens boards and a Tamrac shoulder bag.

    What is the condition?
    The camera is in absolute mint condition. I have used it on 4 occasions and run about 12 rolls of film through the RFB.

    Did you purchase it new?
    Yes, from Badger Graphic about a year ago.

    Why are you selling it? Are you unhappy with it?
    Not unhappy at all. I wouldn’t sell it if I shot only pano’s or only worked from the car. I have moved to a Canham system which allows me to shoot both sheet and pano roll film with one camera, rather than having to carry two systems.

    What’s included?
    Camera w/ fresnel lens
    Roll film back
    7 ShenHao lens boards (3-#0, 4-#1). These are Linhof style boards.
    Tamrac Pro System 612 shoulder bag. The RFB has a dedicated box (included), the camera is shipped from Shen Hao in bubble wrap only (no dedicated box). So I bought the Tamrac bag which holds the camera, RFB and 4-5 lenses in the main compartment along with multiple accessory pockets.

    Specs (per ShenHao) ?
    6x17 format.
    Front:Rise 56mm,Fall 22mm,Shift ±36mm,Swing ±45°,Centre tilt ±20°

    Rear:Rise 58mm,Centre tilt ±11°,Swing ±10°
    Bellows Draw extension: 65~310mm

    Price / Terms?
    USD $975.
    Will ship free in CONUS.
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