Sekonic dual spot F, L-778 meter

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Equipment' started by trudee yama, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Mar 28, 2005
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    Became a member not to long ago and not sure were to post this question, but this seems to be the best place. I drove 90 min. to take a picture on the other side of the island and found my light meter didn't work. Fortunately a local camera store let me borrow one of his own. My problem: My spot meter lights up "battery is fully charged symbol" for a few minutes (should only be displayed a couple of seconds), when it decides to post numbers, the numbers are blinking randomly. Cleaned the battery terminals but still but it didn't help. Can someone suggest either a solution or location where this spot meter can be repaired. Purchased this about 3 years ago on ebay and functioned beautifully until yesterday.

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    Oct 31, 2004
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    The L-778 is an excellent meter, even though a bit pricey when it was introduced 10-15 years ago (when I bought mine).

    I've seen recommendations for a meter-repair shop in the Los Angeles area, but I don't recall the name. A search of the archives here should turn it up, though. The other alternative would be to contact Sekonic Repair Service:
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    Jun 22, 2004
    When my first L-778 met an early demise (it literally ended up between the proverbial rock and a hard place), I sent it to Sekonic. It was beyond ressussitation, but they offered me a refurb at 2/3 the price of a new one. I am holding my breath that the replacement they sold me five years ago will come back to life sometime soon, as I took it for a swim on my last trip to Yosemite.