Seeing Planning and Pringint the Fine Photograph with Bruce Barnbaum/June 23-28, 2013

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    Working in the beautiful Swan Valley beneath the rugged Mission Mountains to the west and the equally rugged Bob Marshall Wilderness to the east, we'll have the opportunity to photograph the region, then to move into the darkroom to develop negatives and print them. I will demonstrate efficient and effective methods of printing in the Formulary's darkroom facility, and students will then have the opportunity to develop and print from your own negatives. The darkroom is available 24/7, so you can use it as long as you're awake!

    There will be outdoor field sessions in the mountains on both sides of the Swan Valley or within the valley itself. But most of the action will be indoors, where I will lead discussion and review sessions of all your work. Will show and fully discuss my work, and where you can develop and/or print your negatives. We will also delve into the meaning of photographic art and how to produce it. It all adds up to a wonderful workshop.

    For the workshop all accommodations and the exceptional food--truly exceptional food--is prepared by the Formulary's own Lynn Wilson and her assistants, right there at the Formulary's facility, making it as comfortable and delicious as it is convenient. The food and accommodations are worth the workshop just by themselves!

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