Sarah Hoskins' 11 Year Photo Project

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    Yesterday, on another forum, I saw a posting about Sarah Hoskins needing to raise an additional $1200 to complete printing of her 11 year (and ongoing) photo project documenting the lives of African Americans in small hamlets near Lexington, KY, USA. I'm happy to say that within a few hours of making my own contribution, she will receive all of her funding!

    Kickstarter requires a certain amount of donation to assist in funding a project and she hit her thresh-hold. She still is taking donations for continuation of the project with 50% of the rest of donations going back into the community involved in the project..."anything over my goal 50% of will go to three organizations in the hamlets, a college fund, a historic lodge and a neighborhood association.

    I have written to her to ask about her tools to see if it would be appropriate to post here as well and her response indicates it is, "I use an old Nikon F3 with a 50mm and a Nikon N90. TRIX 400 and TMAX 3200. I live on a well and my water is bad so that is why I have someone else do my printing besides. He is great." Her printer is listed as "Chuck Kelton master black and white printer." I am in no way related to the project or Sarah, my only participation being as a donor.

    Here is the original post:
    "Please consider contributing to fund completion of Sarah Hoskins' project
    Sarah Hoskins' project is an 11 year photo series documenting the people in a collection of historic small negro hamlets in KY. There is also a great story that goes with the great photography. Now she is out of funding (personal & grants) and wants to complete printing. She and I have corresponded about this project before. I cannot say we are good friends but everything I know about her says she is worthy of our support.

    Read or listen to the NPR story about the project

    See the photos and more of her work on her website

    And here is the kickstarter page where you make your pledge"