Rollei 6000, 70mm/Hasselblad & other MF gear FS in Los Angeles

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    Jun 19, 2005
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    Rollei HFT 80mm lens for all 6000 series cameras - 6001, 6002, 6003, 6006, 6008. Fits all. BRUTALLY sharp lens. Can show you enlarged prints made from this lens. $250

    Rollei Battery for above cameras - brand new. $65.

    Rollei Bay VI to 67mm adapter ring for standard sized filters - $25.

    Rollei 70mm motorized vacuum back. Runs off the camera's battery. Ex-NASA.

    Hasselblad chrome A70 back - exc. shape - $90 (similar vintage to above) 2 AVAILABLE

    Hasselblad chrome A70 back - ugly. shape - $60 (similar vintage to above)

    Linhof Super Rollex 6x7 70mm back for universal graflok mount $150

    Graflex 6x7 rollfilm back (like above, very highly rated back) for 4x5 -universal mount $80

    LOTS OF FRESH (!) sealed 70mm film also:

    HP5 Aerial (same as regular HP5 - just perforated in 70mm format)
    Kodak Aero Plus-X 70mm
    Kodak Portra 70mm
    Kodak Color INFRARED (one roll 100ft only)

    all film is 100 ft rolls and should be good for about 800 or so 6x6 cm shots. or 1100 6x4.5 cm shots...

    also have (new) 15 ft cartridges for 70mm loads (linhof and generic) and REALLY nice 70mm developing tank system with two reels. please inquire.USD
    Price : 50.00