RGB MURA Camera like LOMO Action Sampler

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    Oct 29, 2006
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    I impressed with LOMO Action Sampler , a camera with multiple lenses and takes like an Warhol Paint.
    I thought , trying to create a lens from glass or plastic is a absurd idea and 1 to 10 million people tries it.
    I am after multiple square pinhole idea called MURA and takes blurred image and computer correct it. Advantage , sharp , low f number and computer controlled depth of focus.
    I thought this is absurd also , you must scan the image correctly and lots of minilabs scan smaller than image and waiting is a kill factor.

    I thought something more useful. As you know Autochrome uses 6 color filter and more the colors , easier to play with results , more control is possible.

    My idea is to use glass plate colored with multiple RGB colors and composed to take same image with little out , with the help of small darkrooms per square pinhole and a color film at the back.

    Lens will take RRRGGGBBB pictures , each have a different darkroom and all expose to same film , different places. It would be easier to scan , stacking same picture with higher resolution and play with colors.

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