Retired photographer looking to sell ALL his gear

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    Jul 1, 2011
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    I am posting this on behalf of a retired photographer, Nicholas Amplo, who lives in Glens Falls, NY (just north of Albany).

    He seems to have a ton of film gear that he has no need for anymore (he is 80 years old). I visited him 3 weeks back and I saw a

    1. monster Jobo ATL-3 processor.

    2. blue dot Goerz Dagor,

    3. A couple of vacuum frames.

    4. 8x10 Camera set (Burke and James?) with Kodak Commericial Ektar lens and all holders including the trunk. Looked in good condition to me.

    5. A Mamiya RB67 with a 90mm lens (I think).

    And the above is only what I saw.....he tells me he has much more stuff including a Super Angulon (don't know which one).

    He can be contacted at 518 307 1891 or by Email at

    I have nothing to gain from these sales and am simply posting this to help him out. I have only met him once, but he seems like a very nice person.

    It is best to get in touch with him over the phone, since he does not check his emails that often. There is no need to contact me regarding these sales.