Rediscovered/Restored World Trade Center Photo

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    [I hope it's ok to put this here. I did check and saw that others put their own work here, but if this is the wrong place, I apologize.]

    There's this great NYC competition, Curate NYC, now in its 2nd year, that allows visual artists in any discipline to submit a single representative work to be reviewed by fairly accomplished art world names, picking the top 150 emerging artists in the city, and reproducing their work on cards displayed at various city locations. Last year drew 1,190 submissions; this year an expanded program - now including group shows of actual work drawn from the submissions - received 1,546 pieces.

    This year, I went with this image. Now, I didn't think I'd ever see this again, because I believe the negative is destroyed, but I was able to rebuild my submission (digitally, sorry) off some recently (August) found test prints on 5x7 RC paper. I hadn't seen this in over a decade. I should take them for a proper drum scanning and redo the work. If anyone has a good recommendation in Manhattan - price no object here - I'd love to hear it. I found the contact sheet and since the negatives weren't with it, I doubt I'll find them again. Annoying because I managed to find and recover everything else I did between age 9-20 that my family tossed in a basement or next to a heating pipe (most survived).

    Anyway, beyond me - this is a program that is designed to assist artists in a very hard market (and economy). Success is not a zero sum game - so please look around. Some of the work is clearly student grade, but some is as good as can be found anywhere. If you find someone whose would you'd like to share, *please* link to/tweet their pages so they get the credit they deserve - and may seriously need, though I doubt readers here would just repost JPGs. If you click "All" the site will randomly select pieces from all mediums. Otherwise, the sections are alphabetical.

    If you like mine, don't hesitate to share the link on facebook or twitter. I don't get anything out of it, but it's nice to see. And if you're an NYC resident, consider submitting next year. I know there is a forum for that sort of thing, but submissions closed on Nov. 9th, so I didn't think it was appropriate to post there.

    (Disclamers: "Likes" do not affect any selections. Judges should have completed their work by tonight. I have a prior selection in this competition.)