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    I've just purchased a number of 2x3 film packs on ebay.The film is out of date.My first question is:can I reload them with fresh film or was the film used a
    special thickness to fit in the pack?My second question is: what would be the procedure to expose and process the out of date film ie: developer,film speed,time and temperature?

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    1) I would think thinner than sheet film if it has to go around a bend to be pulled to the back of the stack.

    2) I think it is also a different size.

    3) Many people use expired film. If it was questionably stored, maybe someone else could recommend a quantity of anti-foggant (i.e, potassium bromide or benzotriazole) to be added to developer.

    4) I think you need to save or recreate the paper backing sheets from the filmpack.

    5) Mr Photo or similar name on eBay who sells aerial film with a bit more marketing bravado than I'm comfortable with (but who has many happy customers, mind you) supposedly offers/offered reloading service for filmpacks. You might need to supply the original paper. I think the aerial films being probably the thinnest available are a good option due to suggestion 1) above.