Re-Cementing a lens group

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    I have a very nice 90mm Color Pro enlarging lens that is suffering from a terminal case of separation of the joined doublet, a two element cemented pair that comprises two-thirds of the rear cell. It is a Beseler lens manufactured by Fuji, I think. i believe this series of lenses were noted for lens separation failures.

    Is it:

    (a) feasible to re-cement a lens pair and how might one go about doing this and what materials are needed, or,

    (b) economically feasible to send it somewhere and have it repaired and who might be a good repair facility, or,

    (c) a better idea to search the auction sites/classifieds and pick up a duplicate lens and scavenge the rear cell or, alternatively, use lens #2 and keep #1 for other parts? I am not sure that I could find one as good due to sample to sample variation.

    Any comments/suggestions appreciated!


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    Enlarging lenses are so cheap these days, it makes more sense to buy a better lens second hand. You can probably find a nice Apo-Rodagon or Apo-Componon of about that focal length for the cost of recementing by a shop like Focal Point in Colorado, which does that.

    If you hunt around on, there used to be a page about recementing lenses, if you want to try it yourself.