RB67 Multi-angle grip + ext. tube.

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    Jul 6, 2006
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    Ok! I'm getting rid of my RB67. Love it to bits but it never gets used. I'm more into 35mm right now. There's already one on here so I'll try to sell it locally first, but if you feel like making me an offer on that too, PM away.

    What we're here for though is the accessories I bought to compliment it.

    Multi-Angle grip: This gets your RB67 off of the tripod and into the world. It's surprisingly easy to use with the waist level finder. It screws on and you can adjust the angle to use it in whatever position is comfortable. It also has a built in trigger to fire the shutter. Endlessly handy.
    Impress the ladies with your muscles and tote around an RB67, show those Digi-snappers who's boss </marketing>

    82mm Extension tube #2 - Close ups! Just think, macros with 6x7 format quality. I used it with my 90mm and had a lot of fun. I've got a table with exposure compensations that I'll include, see photos for an example.

    You pay shipping anywhere in the world, I pay the paypal fees, percentage to paypal.AUD
    Price : 60.00