RB Auto Tele-Graflex?

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    I just bought this RB Graflex that, courtesy of Camera Eccentric's 1916 Graflex catalog, I believe to be a pre-1916 RB Auto-Graflex (pre-1916 since the top hinges in front and the body doesn't have the curved bit at the front but I'll know for sure once I can check the serial number). It looks to be in very good condition - very clean hood and bellows at least from the other photos - but the leather exterior is rough. Any thoughts on how to touch it up - if nothing else just to get the color looking right? From the catalog, I get a rough idea of which lens belongs on it but I'm not familiar with the designations - for example, what is a #6 Kodak Anastigmat or No 17 Tessar Ic or No 13 Protar?


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