rb 67 pro S and SD backs 50mm lens

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    Dec 14, 2005
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    hey all,

    i have just upgraded my mamiya RB67 film holders. i am offering the ones i have been using for years. all have new foam seals. all are light tight. all work as they should. all include the dark slides. i have used all of these for many many years.

    one 120 pro S. $100 (i know i have another here somewhere...)
    two 220 pro S. $80 each
    one pro SD in a box with paper work. looks lightly used, if at all. $170 (never used by me)
    one 120 pro S that is for parts only. the wind lever is broken. it has new seals and the dark slide. $30.

    i have a 2X komura telemore 95 converter with both caps. $65.

    i also have a 50mm f4.5 sekor C lens for sale $250. look here.