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    The simple question is " was there actually a plain Toyo View 45G?"

    My camera only list identifies it as a "45G" and the Toyo web site lists "45GII" and "45GX". This camera seems to have all the listed functions of the "45GII" but it's not marked that way. I'm pretty sure it is not the "45GX" because I don't have anything looking like a "Depth of Field Calculator Knob in 1/3 steps" and can someone explain what a "Bi-Axial Yaw Free Base Tilt" is? these are apparently the only two differences in the two models. Unfortunately, the Toyo web site is lacking in quality images of their products and I can't get a good look at one to figure it out for myself.

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    The G came first. The GII has some minor changes but largely cosmetic improvements. They are almost the exact same camera. The GX is the same as a GII except for the addition of base tilt and the DOF calculator and weighs more. The DOF calculator is just a scale that lets you maximize the DOF by using the scale instead of using a ruler and calculating DOF by hand. It is really only useful in table top work. It has little use if you with greater distances like landscape or portraits. Base tilt lets you tilt the entire standard at the base instead of just the lens board and film back as when you use axis tilt. The GX has both for those who want it. I use axis tilt because it is easier for me to refocus. I seldom use base tilt on my GX.